“ A kiss made his immortal heart would become human, thus, his curiosity was what led to the discovery of his own theory in evolution… ”

—    Two different worlds defeated by a kiss. ( via flippermood

Acknowledge the Shore 
I want to see you from inside out 
And know where your eyes gaze about 
I want to know what you always see 
What could you maybe someday be?

Tell me after you have slept 
-When passion awakens from its depths- 
The whisper of senses that crash upon your shore, 
The ones I hope you do not ignore

I wish to see you gaze at the skies 
Maybe you’ll frown, or even ask, “Why?” 
Those waters, a place I wish to swim 
Will ask you with an invitational whim 
Maybe- just maybe- you will not deny.

Kristen Heath